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7 Power Packed Tips For Writing Articles

Do you write articles for a blog, website, or email newsletter? Sometimes content ideas don't always come easily or writers block can hit online writers when looking at a blank page.

If you want to save time, you can utilize high-quality private label rights products with full resell rights. This translates to skipping the article writing process and utilizing instant pre-written content that you can sell to your customers. No more waiting for copywriters or writing content yourself!

7 Tips for Writing Effective Articles

Here are some effective tips on writing articles for your online business:

1. Offer an email course, multipart report or a free subscription to your newsletter service in your resource box.

Have your readers come to your site to get your report, course or subscription to your newsletter or blog so that they'll be able to see what your site has to offer them. If you use your resource box to promote your newsletter, provide a sample issue or an archive of your past issues on your site to get more of your visitors to subscribe.

2. Participate in article swaps.

You could run another publishers free to reprint articles in your newsletter or blog in exchange for the same. You could also write a new article to run exclusively in the other publisher's blog in exchange for her writing a new original article to be published in your blog.

In addition, you could post other article writers' articles on your site in exchange for them posting your articles on their sites. This will help you to get more reciprocal links and also help you to increase your repeat traffic by keeping your site updated with new content.

3. Make your articles available for your affiliates to publish with their affiliate URLs in your resource box.

Letting your affiliates publish your articles in their blogs or on their web sites with their affiliate URLs in your resource box will give them an easy way to effectively promote your business.

It will also help you to attract more people to your affiliate program because you'll be providing your affiliates with a valuable marketing tool. When using your articles in this way, link only to your site in your resource box to ensure that your affiliates will earn commissions on all their referrals.

4. Create a mailing list that tells people when you've written a new article or articles.

Your list can help you to get your articles published on a regular basis by online publishers and webmasters who enjoy your writing. Your list can also help you to keep your affiliates up to date on new articles they can use to earn commissions and help you to successfully get more people to join your affiliate program.

5. Use your articles to create a free ebook.

You could create an ebook compilation of your articles and use it as a bonus for joining your newsletter or purchasing your product.

You could also offer your ebook as a freebie to get more people to visit your site.

To increase the profit you get from your ebook you could let people rebrand your ebook with a link to their website, business or affiliate program.

If you run an affiliate program, you could also let your affiliates rebrand your ebook with their affiliate URLs and use your ebook to earn more commissions.

6. Use your articles to create an ebook you can sell.

If you've written lots of articles you could put together a best of compilation of your articles and sell it to your visitors.

To increase your sales you could give people the resell rights to your ebook along with their purchases. This will increase your ebook's perceived value because you'll be giving your customers a way to make money with your ebook.

7. Use an article rewriting service.

You can rely on the power of artificial intelligence to rewrite entire articles in your niche while avoiding copyright claims with services like SpinWriter. These tools use article spinning technology to reword already written content so you can have fresh, unique articles ready to post to your website or blog. It can be useful to proof read and add additional content to these rewritten articles to add even futher value to the material before presenting it to your users.

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