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How To Make Your PLR Ebook Stand Apart From The Crowd

You've simply bought one of those ebooks that come with private label rights, an ebook cover, graphic files, and a pre-made sales page. All you need to do is update a couple of fields with your own info and upload whatever to your server.

Then you can just relax and see the cash flow.

Not so quickly.

You see there are dozens (if not hundreds) of other people who purchased the exact same PLR ebook and are currently doing the precise very same thing as you read this.

They're using the very same sales page, the same ebook cover, and the very same keywords as you.

And they're kicking back waiting on the money to roll in much like you.

You see an issue yet?

The marketplace is currently saturated with the ebook you're intending to capitalize. If you want to make any money with it, you'll need to be various.

Here's some tips:

Make some changes to the sales page. You do not need to completely re-write it, simply make some shallow modifications so i doesn't look like the exact same exact sales page visitors have actually currently seen a lots times before.

If the sales page has a header graphic, produce a new one or cut it out altogether. If it doesn't have a header, add one.

You can easily change the ebooks cover or produce an all new one with Photoshop or other graphics packages.

Consider altering the title too. A lot of PLR ebooks feature rather dull titles, so you shouldn't have much problem coming up with something a bit more catchy.

Follow each of these basic steps and you'll have a PLR product that's all your own.

Simply altering the background color can have a pretty huge impact. Compose a new headline so the very first words a visitor reads are brand-new to them. If the sales page has a header graphic, create a new one or cut it out completely. If it doesn't have a header, include one.

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